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Justin Blue

Justin Blue

Justin D Blue has played an instrumental role in brand and business development within the yachting industry and in yacht sales, charters and services directly to clients.

Having built and developed yacht brands in the Americas such as Ferretti Yachts, Pershing Yachts, Riva Yachts among others, Justin has the experience & understanding of how to address the needs of yacht buyers, sellers and charters, and how to enter a market and target growth and brand recognition within the marine industry.

Justin was raised living aboard a sailboat for 9 years, sailing the East Coast and Caribbean Islands with his family. It was during these formative years his love for the sea and boating life would become everlasting. This love has since grown into a passion for helping others understand the joys of being on the water.

At a young age, Justin began his yachting career with Ferretti of America, developing the Ferretti Yachts brand in the Americas market. Being a small family company, it was an all hands on deck approach which provided him with a broad understanding of all aspects of the yacht business, from manufacturing, to sales and marketing, after-sales and customer service. This led to opening his own company providing yacht sales and management services to an elite clientele around the world. After 10 years he exited his business, but the passion of yachting brought him back to the Ferretti Group to further develop their 7 brands in the Americas market as their COO.

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During his time with Ferretti Group, Justin Blue developed the Pershing brand in the Americas and redeveloped Allied Marine as their Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, making them the largest Pershing and Ferretti Group brands dealer in the world.  Justin Blue, founder and principal of YachtsBlue, brings his vast experience representing buyers and sellers of yachts worldwide and creating results for his clients. When asked what he loves so much about the sea, Justin explained, “The sea is ever changing, uncontrollable and has beauty beyond the depths of imagination. Once you’re touched by the sea you will spend your life exploring and trying to understand it, knowing very well that you will always be surprised by something new.”