New Yacht Construction | New Builds

Yacht Construction to Buyer’s Specifications

New Yacht Construction, Often Referred to as “New Builds,” Involves the Creation of a Yacht According to a Client’s Specifications.

This process typically includes design, engineering, and construction phases. YachtsBlue works with clients during the process of new yacht construction, through to the stage of delivery and possibly further, as the process may reflect the client/broker relationship.

Here Are Some Key Aspects of New Yacht Construction

New Yacht Construction | New Build

Yacht Design Phase

  • Conceptualization: Clients work closely with yacht designers to develop a concept that aligns with their preferences, needs, and style.
  • Naval Architecture: Yacht designers and naval architects collaborate to ensure the vessel’s stability, performance, and safety.
  • Interior Design: The interior layout, furnishings, and decor are planned to meet the owner’s desires.


  • Systems Design: The yacht’s systems, including propulsion, electrical, and navigation, are designed to meet specific requirements and regulations.
  • Materials Selection: High-quality materials suitable for the yacht’s intended use and environment are chosen.

Yacht Construction

  • Shipyard Selection: The client, often with the assistance of a project manager or broker, selects a shipyard capable of building the yacht.
  • Construction Begins: The physical construction of the yacht begins, involving skilled craftsmen, engineers, and project managers.

Quality Control

  • Inspections: Regular inspections are conducted to ensure that construction meets the specified standards and design requirements.
  • Testing: Systems, equipment, and safety features are tested to ensure proper functionality.

Launch and Sea Trials

  • Launch: The yacht is launched into the water for the first time.
  • Sea Trials: Comprehensive sea trials are conducted to assess the yacht’s performance, handling, and safety in real-world conditions.


  • Handover: Upon successful completion of sea trials and final inspections, the yacht is handed over to the owner.
  • Owner Orientation: The owner is typically provided with an orientation to familiarize them with the yacht’s systems and features.

Post-Delivery Services

  • Warranty Period: Shipyards often provide a warranty period during which they address any issues that may arise.
  • Maintenance and Support: Ongoing maintenance and support services may be offered to ensure the yacht’s continued optimal performance.

The process can vary based on the size and complexity of the yacht, as well as the shipyard’s capabilities. YachtsBlue can guide a yacht buyer through the steps of yacht construction and work to ensure a smooth construction experience. 

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