Yacht Consulting

Yacht Consulting That Works For You

Knowledgeable & Experienced –  YachtsBlue has the decades of performance and results in addressing the needs of yacht buyers and sellers.

YachtsBlue brokers and associates have participated – hands-on – with all manner of situations involving the purchase and sale of yachts, new and used and both in the United States and abroad.

  • New Yacht Construction – Custom or Semi-Custom
  • New Yachts Sales – Suitability, Analysis, Outfitting & Delivery
  • Brokerage / Quality Used Boat Sales
  • Yacht Refit Oversight
  • Yacht Outfitting / Boat Prep
  • Buyer or Seller’s Agent – Working For You.

Uniquely qualified, Justin has also built and developed yacht brands in the Americas inclusive, but not limited to, Ferretti Yachts, Pershing Yachts and Riva Yachts.

Yacht Consulting Services That Protect Your Interests

YachtsBlue offers the yacht buyer, yacht seller or existing yacht owner, the peace of mind in knowing there is a dedicated agent working to protect his interests in what can become a complex and time-consuming endeavor.

YachtsBlue – Love For The Sea – Yachting Life – Respect For The Client

YachtsBlue was founded on the premise that yacht buyers and sellers should be able to rely on a company and sales professional that they can trust. Someone who will share their love for the sea, the life of yachting and the respect for those who achieve the ability to enjoy onboard. When asked what he loves so much about the sea, our founder Justin Blue explained, “The sea is ever changing, uncontrollable and has beauty beyond the depths of imagination. Once you’re touched by the sea you will spend your life exploring and trying to understand it, knowing that you will always be surprised by something new.”

Attention to Detail – hallmarks of YachtBlue’s focus in meeting and exceeding the expectations of customers. Contact YachtsBlue by email or call +1 954.952.2190 to discuss your yacht requirements.