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Antonika Chanel

Antonika Chanel
Sales Professional

Antonika Chanel | Serving Clients In Her Texas Home State As Well As Florida

Following a passion for the sea Antonika started her career on the water at a young age joining and serving in the United States Coast Guard. Upon her exit from from service she had a strong desire to stay on the water and travel the world so she entered the yachting industry as crew onboard yachts. She held multiple positions onboard various yachts and cruise ships for over a decade and traveled halfway around the world.

Always looking to expand her knowledge and having an interest in Chinese medicine, Antonika pursued and achieved her doctorate in Chinese medicine and actively used her new knowledge supporting people both at sea and on land. With a constant draw to the sea she now supports her clients in her home state of Texas and as well Florida with an approach to sales that includes her decades long experience onboard.

Having a Doctorate in Chinese medicine and a love for the sea Antonika takes a unique approach to sales and to ensuring you have a great yachting experience.

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YachtsBlue was founded on the premise that a yacht buyer or yacht seller should be able to feel confident about the level of trust, honesty and integrity of their salesperson. Our yacht brokers have one very core value… put the customer first and make everything else work out.