There are Different Segments of the Market within the Yachting Industry

Scenario: A boat buyer tells the yacht broker he/she has an interest in a relatively new power yacht located in the United States, between 80 and 100 feet with four staterooms and has a cruise speed no less than 25 knots. The yacht broker comments that he/she has been active in that market.

What Are Yacht Markets?

What does that mean?

It can be time consuming for the yacht broker to have an intimacy with yachts that may meet specific criteria. A broker may also not have the breadth of experience working between the different segments – or – does not work in segments outside of certain parameters. A market may be defined by a number of considerations including; builder, yacht type, size, staterooms and speed. In this example, the boat buyer has presented a picture of a broad market. The market would be even broader if the buyer is willing to consider yachts beyond a general area (Florida, vs east coast United States vs western Mediterranean, etc).

“Active in the Market”

The broker who indicates they are “active in the market” may be expected to know the majority of boats for sale or sold, that have the general attributes a buyer may be seeking. The broker may be active in that market because a type of yacht or yacht location may be a specialty of that broker. The broker may also be active in the market because he/she may have already been working this segment for others.

This isn’t to say the broker who is predominantly a sailing boat broker, would not be able to work with you to buy or sell a motor yacht like the one described above. And vice-versa. A good broker may have the wherewithal and interests that allow him/her to work broad markets in addition to specific market segments.

Specific Yacht Types or Attributes

The market can be further narrowed down: By Yacht Builder: Westport Yachts vs Horizon Yachts or Feadship vs Lurssen; By Speed & Performance: Pershing vs Azimut; By Yacht Type: Sportfisherman vs Trawler / Long Range Cruiser; or, By a Specific Era of Yacht Construction; Hatteras Yachts of the 1980’s.  A broker can be a specialist in specific types of yachts. As, some brokers are comfortable and effective working with customers if a yacht is located in a certain geographic location, some brokers are equally as comfortable and skilled handling and coordinating an international transaction and the sale and delivery of a yacht overseas.

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