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Zaire Cabral

Zaire Cabral
Interior Design

Zaire Cabral | Creating a Style to be Used in All Aspects of Life

The culmination of experience in all aspects of design and fashion has led Zaire to her ultimate aspiration of sharing her style, knowledge, and experience with others and creating the right style for their lifestyle. The formation of Soluna Style was Zaire’s dream of alignment of the sun, moon and stars – formal education, working experience in various aspects of design, and personal experience of life, business and love for style. “Connecting with a client and having them in awe of the final result is what really matters to me, be it their home, their yacht, their plane or simply their wardrobe… I enjoy creating a style to be used in all aspects of life.”, said Zaire. Zaire loves UNIQUE and believes that each and every one of us should shine in our own unique way and style that tells a story of who we are and what we love.

In partnership with Soluna Style Zaire is available to discuss any of your yacht interior design requests. From complete design and style to decor and even full outfitting of your interior needs Zaire will help you to find your style for your yacht and beyond.

YachtsBlue – Your Yachting Office

YachtsBlue was founded on the premise that a yacht buyer or yacht seller should be able to feel confident about the level of trust, honesty and integrity of their salesperson. Our yacht brokers have one very core value… put the customer first and make everything else work out.