The upcoming Cannes Yachting Festival 2021 confirms the world of yachting is stronger than ever and while inventory is scarce there are still some great opportunities available! More importantly there are many new models being launched and there has never been a more perfect time to build your yacht to your exact specifications.

Let Us Help You Find or Build Your Next Yacht

The Cannes Yachting Festival will take place this year from September 7th to September 12th and will be filled with manufacturers showing off their latest designs. This show is considered the kickoff to the new nautical season and therefore most of the top European manufacturers of production and semi-custom yachts will be debuting there new models along with their current lineup. This is the best opportunity to see what’s new and shop with YachtsBlue for your new yacht in one of the top destinations in the world!

YachtsBlue will be attending the show to support you as we visit the show together checking out everything that catches your eye and or checks your boxes in order to narrow down to the perfect yacht for you and your family. By scheduling now we can narrow down the list of potential yachts ahead of the show and have appointments in place with each manufaturer to save you time and provide a much more enjoyable experience.

Allow Justin Blue and YachtsBlue to help find the right yacht and to guide you through the show to visit all of the latest products to fit your needs and desires. Contact us on-line or by phone / WhatsApp: +1 954.952.2190