Some Guideance When Buying a Yacht or Selling a Yacht

This basic guide is applicable to not only buying and selling yachts in Fort Lauderdale, but in general, anywhere. Fort Lauderdale is a major location for yachts for sale and working with a reputable yacht brokerage company such as YachtsBlue and for coordinating all arrangements and logistics of the purchase and sale process.

Yachts for Sale Fort Lauderdale - San Lorenzo Yacht for Sale

San Lorenzo Yacht For Sale – Located in Fort Lauderdale

Yacht Buyers and Yacht Sellers

Utilize a reputable yacht broker such as YachtsBlue. YachtsBlue specializes in “quality” power yachts and we can help buyers locate and evaluate yachts for sale in the South Florida area including Fort Lauderdale, Miami and the Palm Beaches. We also consistently work to find the right yacht across the United States, Europe and other locations. We work closely with cooperating yacht brokers and the domestic and international network of yacht companies connecting the seller’s of yachts with the right approach to potential buyers.

Yacht Inspections

YachtsBlue makes arrangements and appointments for first hand inspections of yachts for sale. Fort Lauderdale is a primary yachting desination and many yachts make South Florida their “home port” on a yearly or seasonal basis or visit the area as a transient stop over for provisions, servicing or just for recreational purposes.

We can schedule an inspection when a yacht is in the area or we may also arrange inspections of yachts wherever they may lie – subject to the yacht’s itenerary and other scheduling considerations.

We also make arrangements for boat yard visits associated with new yacht construction (new builds). If a new yacht model is available to be inspected, we may also try and coordinate an inspection of a near similar model, prior to a visit to the shipyard. This is a way to get an appreciation for the yacht builder and standards of construction. However, in many instances, nothing takes the place of a first hand visit to the shipyard.

Yacht Surveys

There are inspections associated with a visit by a buyer to see the yacht and to determine if the yacht or model meets the expectations of quality, finish, space and other personal interests and then there are inspections associated with technical merits, condition and functional aspects.

This elevated inspection process is the yacht survey and typically only occurs after there is a Purchase Agreement signed by the Seller and Buyer and which Agreement outlines the conditions and timeline of a sale.

A marine surveyor assess the vessel’s condition. The scope of what is observed, reviewed or tested can vary and is subject to other factors such as price and conditions of the purchase / sale.

The marine survey is a comprehensive examination of a boat’s structure and systems, including, but not limited to, insoections of the hull, engine, navigation systems, interior amenities, safety equipment. A survey can help identify any issues or needed repairs. The surveyor will assess the yacht’s overall condition, including the hull, deck, propulsion, electrical systems, and safety equipment.

Yacht Brokers

YachtsBlue yacht brokers act as intermediaries between buyers and sellers and shipyards of both fine, used yachts and also new yacht construction / new yacht builds. We can help you find the right yacht within your budget or assist in selling your yacht. YachtsBlue has a stellar reputation, experience in the markets, and a solid, enviable track record.

We are active at the local and international level assisting buyers and sellers of large luxury yachts and megayachts. We also will assist buyers and sellers of fine, quality boats and where we are comfortable with the match of objectives and strategies.

In summary, make appointments to inspect a yacht, have a realistic understanding of your budget, and work with a professional such as YachtsBlue throughout, to manage the buying or selling process.

Contact a Broker at YachtsBlue inorder to discuss yachts for sale in Fort Lauderdale, Miami and the Palm Beachs or for yachts located elsewhere in the United States and aboard or concerning the options of new yachts or new yacht construction.