Fort Lauderdale is often referred to as the “Yachting Capital of the World.” This title is attributed to the city’s prominent role in the yachting and boating industry. A major component to this perspective is the luxury yacht charter industry and its crossroads of services and information awareness related to professionally crewed yachts.

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Fort Lauderdale yacht charters or Fort Lauderdale yacht sales, represent the equivalent of Wall Street stock trading or Wall Street financial services.

The companies being serviced or to whom services are tendered, are generally located elsewhere, outside of Manhattan. But the businesses that service these companies have historically been located, or represented as being associated with, Wall Street.

One may debate whether Fort Lauderdale is truly the yachting capital of the world – and plan on getting push back on this claim from the South of France, Monaco and elsewhere – but it is true that Fort Lauderdale is a knowledge and logistics center for yachting and yachting businesses around the world. This includes scheduling bookings, arrangements, yacht management, and logistics support for crewed luxury yachts charters.

Fort Lauderdale distinguishes itself and it’s ability to effectively support yacht charters around the world as a result of:

  • Yacht Brokers and Services: The city is home to numerous yacht brokers, dealers, and service providers, making it a center for yacht sales, maintenance, and repairs. Yacht owners and buyers often turn to Fort Lauderdale for these services. Convenience – Experience – Knowledge. YachtsBlue is a Fort Lauderdale yacht charters and yacht sales company services clients domestically and internationally.  Contact YachtsBlue Yacht Charters.
  • Marina and Dockage Facilities: Fort Lauderdale boasts an extensive network of marinas, docks, and boatyards that can accommodate a vast number of yachts and boats. These facilities range from small, private marinas to large, world-class yacht clubs.
  • Strategic Location: The city’s warm weather geographical location along the United States East Coast, its proximity to the Caribbean, Bahamas and South America, and its easy access to international transportation to Europe, the U.S West Coast and other destinations, supports its position as a yachting crossroads.
  • International Boat Shows: Fort Lauderdale is renowned for hosting one of the world’s largest boat shows, the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS). FLIBS is an annual event that showcases a stunning array of yachts, boats, and marine products, attracting both industry professionals and boating enthusiasts from around the globe.
  • Yacht Design and Manufacturing: Fort Lauderdale is home to many yacht design firms, as well as shipyards and manufacturer’s offices specializing in luxury yachts. This concentration of industry expertise has contributed to its reputation as a yachting capital.
  • Yachting Culture: The city has a vibrant yachting culture, with numerous events, regattas, and yacht club activities throughout the year. It’s a hub for yacht owners, captains, and crews to connect and socialize.

Booking professionally crewed yacht charters from Fort Lauderdale to destinations around the world is a fantastic way to experience luxury travel and vacations associated with the sea. We invite you to contact YachtsBlue yacht charters and to discuss the range of options that may be available for your perfect holiday!