Find Your Perfect Yacht

Did you know that billionaire and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is a yacht enthusiast?

Buying a yacht is not only a sign of wealth, but it’s also a sign of living the good life. The freedom to enjoy the sea inside an elegant and luxurious vessel is unparalleled. If you’ve never owned one before, then it’s worth considering the different types of yachts available.

Are you wondering how to find the perfect yacht? Here is a brief Guide to several yacht models.

Sea Ray 55 for Sale

If you want to buy a yacht, then it’s worth spending time considering a Sea Ray 55 for sale. From stainless steel cleats and a bow sun pad to electric sunroofs and more, you’ll get plenty for your investment.

Even as a used yacht, the Sea Ray 55 holds its own because it’s durable and has a classic style. Many yacht enthusiasts love its teak flooring, for instance. Plus, this particular yacht sports not one but two retractable sunroofs.

Once you get a peak of the panoramic view while on this beautiful vessel, you’ll want to go for the new yacht instead of the used one.

52 Sedan Bridge

Aside from a Sea Ray 55 for sale, you should seriously consider a 52 Sedan Bridge because it’s the height of luxury. For starters, a cozy and sizeable settee is in the back cockpit. While some people are relaxing there, others can enjoy themselves in the foredeck sun pad.

The sun pad is accessible via molded-in stairs that look stunning. If you or any of your 52 Sedan Bridge guests are parched, feel free to grab a delicious beverage at the refreshment center. This center also comes with both a grill and an ice maker.

Already you can see how easy it is to celebrate life on one of these yachts. Your first impression will be of gorgeous wood trim and the highest quality upholstery.

Formula 40

If you want something more compact but with a good deal of power, you should consider getting a 2019 Formula 40. You’ll be glad to know that it boasts a top speed of 60 mph.

The layout is designed for a relaxing boating session or a quick, stress-melting getaway. The 300hp Mercury engine won’t ever let you down. Just don’t forget to pack your fishing poles.

Are You Ready to Choose Between Yacht Sales in Fort Lauderdale?

Now that you’ve learned about what new and used vessels are available, you can choose the best yacht sales in Fort Lauderdale. Once you have the perfect yacht, you’ll want to take it out every week, if not even more than that.

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