Love of the sea

Love of the sea

Love of the Sea is what you feel as an individual when you look into the water, a feeling that runs deep inside of you and touches your soul and takes your breath away. At least for those of us that love the ocean and spend as much time as possible in and around the water. I have spent my life sailing yachting and simply swimming in the waters of various countries around the world and each moment for one reason or another will still take my breath away and leave a mark in my soul.

Yachts – What You Want – When You Want It

When meeting with clients to discuss what yacht works best for their life and desires, my first question is always “What do you want to do”. The reality is you can enjoy the sea with nothing at all not even clothes to cover you up or you can explore an a Superyacht as large as a cruise ship…it all depends on what you want to do and accomplish. For new buyers this can be the most difficult question to answer because they might not even know yet what experiences are out there. This is where my expertise can help guide and develop ideas to get them thinking.

From Dreams to Reality

Whether you are new to exploring the sea or a seasoned lover of it, being able to discuss openly your ideas dreams and plans is a part of the YachtsBlue Philosophy. As in most things in life, the more you understand going into the the decision the more likely you are to make the right decision. Let me share my passion and Love of the sea with you and your family while assisting you in fulfilling your dreams of being out on the water enjoying the yachting life and securing your Love of the Sea.

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